Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Samarth & Gayu get married Goenkas dark secret coming up
Coming up grand wedding of Samarth and Gayu will follow a new problem in Goenka Family.

It is seen that how Kartik’s Uncle aka Dadi’s brother Purushottam visited the family.

After Gayu’s to be husband Varun met with a deadly accident, Samarth decides to marry Gayu and give his name to her child.

The family is really happy and now the wedding saga begins.

But meanwhile, Naira comes to know about Goenkas dark secret where how Purushottam aka Puru first molested Mansi and now she is his next target.

Naira to expose Puru 
Naira will take up the challenge to expose Puru and his evil nasty deeds.

But will Dadi let Naira do so?

Where on one side, Samarth and Gayu will get married happily, here Naira will be exposing Puru and his deeds before Kartik and family.

It would be highly intense to watch what happens next.

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