Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: Sharmas defeat Komolika Prerna back in battlefield
The coming up episode will see Komolika’s drastic defeat and that from Prerna’s family.

After Ronit threatens the groom family and tries his hard to break Shivi’s marriage alliance,

Veena gets Ronit arrested while here Komolika gets Prerna arrested.

And this turns table against Komolika when Sharmas asks Komolika to get Prerna’s bail in return of Ronit’s bail.

Thus Komolika bends before their deal and agrees to release Prerna.

Prerna oaths revenge against Anurag Komolika
Prerna gets bail from jail and thus now she returns to Basu mansion.

It’s revenge call for Prerna who is really heartbroken with Anurag’s betrayal.

It will be enthralling to watch how Prerna will now take her revenge from Komolika and Anurag.

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