The Episode starts with Shagun saying Ishita where are you. Raman asks pandit to start the rasam. Rohan and Karan come. Rohan says stop this nonsense, there won’t be any marriage happening. Raman says Rohan, what happened. Rohan says I won’t listen to you. Raman says enough, get out of here. Rohan says Aaliya, I m your husband, just open your eyes. Aaliya says I m not your wife, Rohan stop it, our marriage is not valid, as Adi is alive. Rohan says he isn’t… Yug says don’t you dare talk to her like this, get out. Raman says Rohan you aren’t Aaliya’s husband, its divorce papers, you had signed it, she isn’t your wife, she is a divorcee, she can marry anyone she wants. Rohan checks the papers. He gets shocked.

Mani says don’t interrupt the marriage if you care for her. Rohan says I haven’t signed the papers. Raman says you have signed on it, divorce has happened, please leave. Rohan leaves. Karan says Raman you broke Rohan’s heart and cheated him. Raman says go and handle your brother, out. Karan goes to Rohan. Rohan says I don’t remember signing the papers, where is Ishita. Karan says she is also with her husband, she would have gone to get jaimala, come with me. Ishita comes to meet Mr. Nair. The lady says he will come in some time. Ishita says just call him fast. Muskaan catches the lady and gets her at knifepoint. She asks lady to call Ishita at intercom and put it on speaker. Ishita answers. Muskaan says hello Mrs. Oversmart Bhalla.
Ishita says Muskaan… Muskaan says your entire family is going to die. Ishita says stop threatening me, Sahil assured me that you won’t trouble us. Muskaan says you slapped me and insulted me, you have to pay for it, a function is going on in your house, I collided with pandit and swapped the packet that will be used in havan items, there will be a poisonous gas spreading in your house, your family will die. Ishita asks are you mad, why are you troubling my family, you went to jail once, I will send you to jail again, I won’t leave you. Muskaan says go home and rehearse to mourn. Ishita gets shocked. She finds door locked. She knocks the door. Pandit gives varmala. Aaliya and Yug exchange varmala. Everyone claps. Ishita says don’t know what’s going to happen there. She doesn’t get network in mobile. Simmi says how can this marriage happen without Ishita. Ruhi says I will call her. She calls Ishita and asks where are you. Ishita says ask pandit to not do the havan, stop this marriage. Ruhi says maybe she heard me and come soon, call disconnected. Simmi asks what happened. Ruhi says she is coming. Muskaan threatens the lady and pays money. She goes.

Pandit says now there will be a small havan. Mihika gets the ghee. It drops down. She says sorry, just some ghee is left in the house. Raman says I will get more ghee. He leaves. Ishita says I should have not come here, what shall I do. Pandit starts the havan. Simmi asks where is Ishita. Everyone coughs by the smoke. Pandit says I got the items from regular shop, what’s this smoke. Ishita asks how should I get out. She tries to break the door. Everyone faints. Mr. Nair comes and asks what are you doing here. Ishita says my family is in danger, please come. They leave. Rohan says I wish I could talk to Ishita once. 
Karan asks how much will you fall more. Rohan cries and says this isn’t possible, I didn’t sign divorce papers, I love Aaliya, why will I sign, something is wrong. Karan says I knew Raman and Ishita are playing a game with you, she is letting you down. He gets Sudha’s call. He says you would be good there, talk to Rohan. He takes Rohan’s phone and unlocks Ishita’s number. He thinks Rohan can go and meet her. Rohan talks to Sudha and gives phone to Karan.

Karan says mom, I have sent divorce papers to Raman, Aaliya and Yug are getting married, now Aaliya’s chapter is over forever, take care, don’t worry. He thinks sorry Rohan, I had to do this for our good.

Ishita comes home and knocks the door. She sees the smoke. Raman comes and sees her. She says the door is locked, do something. He says havan is going on. She says Muskaan. He asks what. She says she added someone in puja items, it has become poisonous gas, we have to get them out. Raman breaks the door and gets in. They see everyone lying on the floor. She says we have to get them out of here. He goes to call someone. Doctor checks them. Raman asks do we need to shift them to hospital. Doctor says there is no time, their state is critical, we have to give them antidote through the mask. Ishita says how can Muskaan do this with entire family. Raman says its good we came on time, everything is going to get fine.
Sahil asks when did you meet Muskaan. Karan asks why will I meet her. Sahil says you were helping her to ruin Bhallas. He leaves. Raman says Muskaan and you were planning to ruin us.

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