The Episode starts with Naira saying I went to Mansi and Anmol’s room. Kartik says give them privacy and romance with your husband. He teases her. She says Dadi called us downstairs to make Gangaur idol. He says you don’t care for my sentiments. She hugs him. He asks her to get away, Dadi asked them to do work and he has a headache. She says no time is wrong for romance. He says now you have understood my point. Puru comes and asks can I come in. Kartik asks should I book tickets for Mars, romance is banned in this house. Puru says sorry to disturb, I wanted to give this to Naira. She says you already gave me the gift. He says call this Mu dikhai or shagun.

She says thanks, its not needed. He says maybe you like it, see it once. She says its very beautiful but expensive. He asks Kartik is this necklace pretty or his wife. Kartik says my wife. Puru says you are very lucky, make her wear this. Kartik says fine. He makes her wear the necklace. He says I can’t fix the hook. Puru says its tricky but safe, it won’t fall down, move, let me check, this is no rocket science, its done, Naira you are looking very pretty. He goes. Naira says its very expensive. Kartik says Puru is family, I don’t want to hurt him by refusing, smile, where was I, I remember. She asks did you become fat. He says no. She runs.
Devyaani says we shall leave now. Gayu says I m coming, you go. Rama asks her to come. Gayu runs to vomit. Naira comes downstairs and thinks where did everyone go. Flower petals shower on her. Kartik says surprise, everyone come. Everyone comes. Naira smiles. He asks why are you shocked, stay happy, my life has become special because of you. Dadi says I wish you two lead a happy life. Manish says you two be the best jodi. Naira cries. Surekha asks why are you crying. Kartik hugs her. Naira says everyone doesn’t get so much love as I got, we are together despite many problems, because of your wishes and love. Dadi says don’t cry and make arrangements of the rituals.

Naira says I have a request, husband and wife will make idols this time, not ladies alone. Dadi says I have no problem. Puru sees Mansi. Surekha asks Naira about the necklace. Naira says Puru gifted it. Manish says its royal like him. Dadi says he is very generous. Ila says a person like him is rare. Naira thinks everyone praises him, don’t know why I feel bad. Dadi asks them to come. Naira asks Gayu why is she worried. Gayu says I had a vomit, Dadi also had stomach ache and thought the water isn’t suiting us, what will happen next time. Naira asks her not to worry. They see Samarth. He removes the ear plugs and asks did you say anything. Naira asks do you want anything. He says no thanks. She goes. He asks Gayu is she fine. She says no, I m good. He says I know Naira, Kartik and others are there to take care of you, if you need any help, you can tell me.
She thanks him and goes. Dadi says we are done with arrangements, there is still time for mahurat. Manish asks Naira and Kartik to go for it. They dance on pyaar miljaye…… Everyone dances along. Gayu feels nausea. Samarth looks at her. Kartik and Naira go aside. She says I love you. He says I love you so much that no one imagined. They hug. He says I haven’t put on weight, there is a problem with your vision. She says if that was the case, you would have looked lean to me. Everyone makes idols. Puru holds her. Her smile goes. Kartik and Naira recall the old moments, and smile. Naira says I have ordered some decorative stones for the idol, I will just come.

Dadi gives jewellery to Kartik. He asks did I put on weight. Dadi asks who said that, you are healthy, my child. Kartik says strong and healthy, that’s right. Lav and Kush laugh and say everyone calls fat people healthy. Kartik smiles and checks his tummy. Gayu talks to Vivaan and says you are not understanding, Dadi will get hurt if she knows this, please come soon. Bhabhimaa looks on. Naira gets the parcel. She sees Mansi and Puru outside. Mansi shouts enough and goes. Naira says Mansi was close to him, then why…. Kartik comes to her. She says I came here to collect this parcel, I felt Mansi is upset with Puru, maybe something has happened which we don’t know, Mansi is a calm person, she never reacts this way. They see Puru behind. Puru says where there’s love, there will be anger too, its common that children stay upset with elders, like Kartik was upset with Manish, some people are upset with me, my love will be same, they are doing their work and I m doing mine. He goes.
Kartik says it was wrong. She says I m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I got a negative thought. He says Puru has got upset. She says I will tell him sorry. He says he is special for all of us, we can never hurt him. Naira goes to Puru and says I m sorry, I don’t think wrong about you, maybe it was the first reaction. He says relax, I can understand, our thinking has become negative, you are dear. He holds her face. Mansi looks on.

Naira dances on Mann hi chahe…. Puru holds her waist. She gets away. Kartik stops Puru and looks at him

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